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The Best Supplement for Baseball & Softball Players

I’m Austin the founder of CBN (College Bound Nutrition) and I want to introduce you a product we make called 10th Inning, it’s the FUEL that Teen Baseball & Softball players need to get QUICKER + STRONGER = MORE POWERFUL + ENERGY to Fuel more Home Runs, 90mph pitches & stolen bases!

Buy Pre-Workout for Baseball Players

At College Bound Nutrition, supplements are broken down into Pre-workout/Intra-workout, and post-Recovery so young athletes can perform at their peak day-in and day-out! Different sports require different nutritional intakes, and 99% of nutritional supplements focus on the nutritional needs of grown adults, not growing teenage athletes.

Turning Middle & High School Athletes into Recruitable Assets

What makes Human Power Personal Youth Athletic Training different than any other type of training offered in our area? We’re D1 Full Ride Athletes who have done what your child wants to do – play High Level College Sports – if that is not what you or your child is trying to do, we’re not insulted but please look for another type of training.

Sport-Specific Nutrition for Youth Athletes


Fueling College Bound Aspirations!

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