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10th Inning Baseball & Softball In-Game Energy

Energy to Stay Focused, Run Quicker and Steal More Bases

💪 Explosive Power to Throw Faster, Hit Farther, and help get that Game-Winning Home Run

💧 Electrolytes and BCAAs to Keep You in the Game and Decrease Muscle Soreness after an Intense Practice

Clean + Transparent

We show you all the ingredients

3rd Party Tested

HSAA/NCAA Banned-Substance Free


Sport-Specific Supplements that work


College Bound Nutrition = Youth Sports Fuel


Formulated for Muscle Growth in Adolescent Athletes


CLEAN Ingredients that are Double Lab-Tested for Purity


FREE from HSAA and NCAA-Banned Ingredients


Healthy, Natural Ingredients found in everyday foods


Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, and Amino Acids all in 1 Serving


Sports Nutrition Made Easy for Parents & Athletes


Supporting the Ambitions of Young Athletes


Fueling Athletes looking to Excel in Sports on their way to College


Providing Healthy, Clean, Sport-Specific Nutritional Supplements


Products help ensure Youth Athletes Perform at their Peak


Fueling Adolescent Neuromuscular & Musculoskeletal Systems Growth


Promotes Rapid Recovery & Explosive Performance


Furthering Fast-Twitch or Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC) Development


Fuel for Growing Muscle Fibers, Thickening Tendons, & Stretching Ligaments


Sports Supplements, Simplified


Proper Nutrition for Your Specific Sport


Clean & DRUG-FREE for Teenage Athletes


Free of HSAA & NCAA Banned Substances


Nutrition Geared Towards Growing Athletes, Not Adults


Pre-Workout/In-Game Energy & Post-Workout

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What Is College Bound Nutrition

College Bound Nutrition is on a Mission to make Young Athletes Grades 8-12 ready to be College Bound Assets by providing the First-of-its-kind Sport Specific Safe & Drug-Free Nutritional Supplements designed for Young Athletes. We have also pioneered our proprietary Sports Power Training Methods to get the most out of the extra nutrition you get with CBN Supplements!

Why are CBN Supplements better for young athletes?

CBN supplements are not for Adult bodybuilders, cross-fitters, powerlifters, or physique models. Our products do not add mass or get you shredded – they are for building Athletic Power.

CBN is also about making Young Athletes Grades 8-12 more Athletic using our Sports Power Training (SPT) method and Fueling that growth with the World’s First Drug-Free, Safe & Clean Sports Specific Nutritional Supplements!

Mid-tier and smaller Colleges are scrambling to find High School athletes with a high degree of Athleticism that they can turn into Assets for their sports programs.


What makes CBN’s Sports Power Training methods so different than the local sports trainer?

At CBN we invented “Human Power”, or HP for short. It is a way to measure and increase an Athletes Athleticism or Human Power. Using accelerometers, defined and controlled exercises you see Real Results in black & white.

We design workouts specifically for the sports Young Athlete play and using the data from their Human Power analyses, will adjust their workouts to improve the areas that need them the most.

Our Nutrition Products and Methodology Build College Bound Athletes!

Sport-Specific Nutrition for Youth Athletes


Fueling College Bound Aspirations!

Athletes All-in-One Package

Sports Power Training - The Total System for Baseball & Softball

The Total System - Sports Power Training:

The Total System is designed to be a one-stop-shop for workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle to enhance Baseball and Softball athletes overall development on and off the field.

Baseball and Softball Sport-Specific Workouts:

Follow along with our 12-week Workout & Training program designed to target the specific muscles, muscle fibers, and neuromuscular and skeletomuscular movements that Baseball and Softball athletes need to play better. All exercises are accompanied with follow along videos on how to perform exercises for optimal results.

Youth Friendly Baseball and Softball Supplement:

Our Youth-Friendly Supplements for Baseball and Softball players are designed to fuel athletes targeted muscle and muscle fibers used in SPT training, as well as practices, games, and tournaments they have. Supplements are made with all natural ingredients and proportions are adjusted for growing youth bodies, NOT grown adult bodies. Growing athletes, especially youth athletes, need different fuel than to develop than fully grown adults.

Lifestyle and Habit Education:

Our lifestyle and habit education goes along with Baseball and Softball Sport-Specific Exercises and Youth-Friendly Nutritionare. Develop the mindset and lifestyle of a top-tier athlete through habit and mindset training as well as exclusive educational content to put you ahead of the competition.

Strength Exercises

Exercises for Baseball

Explosive Power

Lightning Energy

Exercises for Softball

Nutrition Education

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10th Inning - Youth Friendly Supplement Designed for Baseball & Softball Performance

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