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10th Inning Pre-Workout

Baseball games are long. The weather is hot, the sun is draining, and the only shade is in the dugout. To survive and play well you need to replace the 2 things Mother Nature is zapping from you – Stamina and Explosive Energy. Our CBN 10th Inning Baseball / Softball Pre-Workout accomplishes those 2 things for young athletes by providing a CLEAN formula to keep the body not just hydrated but have energy in reserve when it’s your turn at bat or to make that game changing double play!

Clean + Transparent

We show you all the ingredients

3rd Party Tested

HSAA/NCAA Banned-Substance Free


Sport-Specific Supplements that work

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College Bound Nutrition makes Clean and Safe Sport-Specific Nutritional Supplements that work specifically for Young Athletes. Our products are not for bodybuilding, gaining mass or losing weight. CBN Sport-Specific Supplements work to enhance your body’s already Natural Athletic Abilities using Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids that are Naturally already found in the foods and liquids you consume.

Why Sports Specific Supplements? Different Sports require Different Nourishment to ensure that Young Athletes can perform at their peak! CBN products are DRUG-FREE, Safe, and provide Clean Nutrition to give athletes an edge in the competitive world of Sports and Collegiate Scholarships.

This breakdown is also to make it easier for parents to know exactly what their athlete should be taking based on the sport that they play!

HP Training

Colleges don’t look for the Strongest or Fastest Athletes; Colleges look for the most Powerful. Powerful athletes are athletes that have a combination of both strength and speed, these athletes are assets for their teams, not liabilities.

At CBN, we invented a way to calculate and Increase your Human Power (HP). Only CBN can do that, and our trainers focus on only one thing: Increasing your HP to make you stand out and become an asset. HP is not measured by just how much weight you lift, or how fast you run. At CBN we use proprietary mathematics and high-tech accelerometers to determine your Human Power.

Human Power (HP) = Work / Time.
Work is weight × height or distance “W = (mg)h”.

Be your Best Version of a College Bound Athlete!

Building College Bound Assets

CBN is here to support the ambitions of Young Athletes who are looking to excel in sports on their way to College. Our mission is to provide Safe, Clean Sports Specific Nutritional Supplements to ensure Young Athletes perform at their peak. Athletes need to fuel their bodies with the right nourishment and nutrition otherwise they won’t be able to perform at their peak.

Our trademarked Human Power Training (HPT) is a way to measure and increase a Young Athletes Athleticism, or Human Power, to make them a more recruitable College Asset.

At CBN we all share the goal of bettering the lives of all Young Athletes so they can go on to a bright and successful Collegiate future!


Sport Specific Supplements Simplified


Clean & DRUG-FREE for Young Athletes


Free of HSAA & NCAA Banned Substances


Nutrition Geared Towards Growing Athletes, Not Adults


Strength + Speed + Stamina = POWER


Pre/During and Post-Workout


Proper Nutrition for Your Specific Sport

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What Is College Bound Nutrition

College Bound Nutrition is on a Mission to make Young Athletes Grades 8-12 ready to be College Bound Assets by providing the First-of-its-kind Sport Specific Safe & Drug-Free Nutritional Supplements designed for Young Athletes. We have also pioneered our proprietary Human Power Training Methods to get the most out of the extra nutrition you get with CBN Supplements!

Why are CBN Supplements better for young athletes?

CBN supplements are not for Adult bodybuilders, cross-fitters, powerlifters, or physique models. Our products do not add mass or get you shredded – they are for building Athletic Power.

CBN is also about making Young Athletes Grades 8-12 more Athletic using our Human Power Training (HPT) method and Fueling that growth with the World’s First Drug-Free, Safe & Clean Sports Specific Nutritional Supplements!

Mid-tier and smaller Colleges are scrambling to find High School athletes with a high degree of Athleticism that they can turn into Assets for their sports programs.


What makes CBN’s methods so different than the local sports trainer?

At CBN we invented “Human Power Training”, or HPT for short. It is a way to measure and increase an Athletes Athleticism or Human Power. Using accelerometers, defined and controlled exercises you see Real Results in black & white.

We design workouts specifically for the sport your Young Athlete plays and, using the data from their Human Power analyses, will adjust their workouts to improve the areas that need them the most.

Our Nutrition Products and Methodology Build College Bound Athletes!

sport-specific Nutritional Supplements for Young athletes




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