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College Bound Nutrition


CBN only sells Nutritional Supplements specifically for High School Athletes. Their purpose is not for bodybuilding, gaining mass or losing weight. The supplements that we offer are to enhance your body’s already natural athletic abilities. CBN-listed products are safe and clean nutritional supplements to give you an edge over the competition and to be a better version of yourself. Become the college athlete you are capable of being!

HP Training

Colleges don’t look for the Strongest or Fastest Athletes, they look for the most Powerful. At CBN, our trainers focus on one thing: Increasing your HP (Human Power). HP is not measured by just how much weight you lift, or how fast you run.

Human Power (HP) = Work / Time.
Work is weight × height or distance “W = (mg)h”.

Be your Best Version of a College Bound Athlete.


A place where High School Athletes get real-life advice on how to develop the Athleticism they need to be a College Athlete. Hear our Coaches, Trainers and Recruiters from all around the Country talk nutrition, strength – speed – power, and conditioning. And, most importantly, mental conditioning focused on the single goal of making you a College Bound Athlete.


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What Is College Bound Nutrition

College Bound Nutrition (CBN) is on a Mission to make High School athletes a better version of themselves by providing Nutritional and Training support to ensure the athlete Performs at their Peak.

What is CBN?

Let’s start with what is NOT CBN:

CBN is NOT a place for bodybuilding, cross-fit, powerlifting, physique training… CBN is none of that!

Then what is CBN and the CBN Community? Simple. CBN is a place high schoolers can go to get advice on what it takes to make the jump to the next level in high school athletics, from people who know what it takes! Whether it’s wanting to beat the competition, be the best at your school, or ultimately get a scholarship to play sports in College.

CBN is a place where you can hear and learn from experienced advisors about nutrition and training to ensure you perform at your peak. 


Take your training to the next level and unlock your Hidden Human Power!