Why we Break Down our Supplements into Sports

Benefits of Sport-Specific Supplements


At College Bound Nutrition, we focus on just three things: 

Adolescent Athlete Nutrition

Nutrition for the Sport You Play

Clean Nutrition Free of HSAA & NCAA-Banned Ingredients

Why Sport-Specific Supplements?

Different Sports Require Different Nutrional Needs

YES, Different Sports do Require Different Nutrition. Professional Baseball, Football, & Soccer Player diets vary because of their different Musculoskeletal needs. Your favorite Vitamin & Supplement Stores focus on the nutritional needs of grown adults, not growing Adolescent Athletes. At CBN, instead of having one general sports formula, we researched the Muscle Activation & Muscle Occurrence Frequency for each Sport. That provided the basis for our formulas to be broken down by Sport making Adolescent Athletes Perform at their BEST.

Walk into any vitamin & supplement store and ask the 19-year-old or the retiree behind the counter “What do I need to take as a Baseball player?” They will sell you what the 30-year-old amateur bodybuilder buys because that’s what they sell everyone else – BODYBUILDERS DON’T PLAY BASEBALL!

We know, it’s daunting especially if you don’t understand adolescent neuromuscular growth, muscle activation or frequency. At CBN we looked at all the variables for different sports and made our formulas to improve your performance in that sport.

Breaking down our formulas by sport makes it easier for athletes & parents to select the best nutrition needed to play that sport.

CBN knows there are hundreds of different brands of pre-workouts and post-recovery products to choose from. Our hope is by having our products broken down into sport-specific categories that athletes & parents will find it easier to purchase our products knowing that CBN will give them the Best nutrition to excel in their sport.

Austin Gere, Founder of CBN

Why I Started CBN

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My name is Austin Gere. I was a High School and D1 Collegiate Athlete. For me, it was nearly impossible to eat three quality meals a day as a teenager. At most, you have a decent dinner and that is about it. Getting up early for school with no breakfast on most days, a deficient lunch, after-school sports, homework, and maintaining a healthy social life, most adolescents do not get the proper nutrition they need to be athletes.

I started to develop the concept of College Bound Nutrition as a Freshman in College while competing across the country in D1 Track & Field. Looking back through my High School and College years I began to see the better players had higher levels of Athleticism not skills.


Athleticism is FUELED with proper NUTRITION, and Athletic Training. When you focus on just one aspect of a sport i.e. skills, athletes don’t develop Athleticism.

Athleticism is what makes athletes stand out from their peers and progress onto higher levels of competition. High Athleticism Players like Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Tom Brady need Fuel for their 7 day a week practices, training & conditioning sessions, and the occasional game mixed in.

Middle School, High School, and College Athletes share similarly demanding schedules between school teams, rec teams, travel teams, practices, and games. 

The difference is Jeter and Brady have multi-million-dollar coaching, training, and nutritional teams to keep their Athleticism Fueled.

Most adolescent athletes’ plateau before they become College Recruitable. One reason is the Nutrition needed for neuromuscular growth is depleted by their extra busy schedules, and this affects their Athleticism. 

I created CBN to FUEL Adolescent Athletes and make them College Bound!

Sport-Specific Nutrition for Youth Athletes


Fueling College Bound Aspirations!

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