Why we Break Down our Supplements into Sports

Why Sport-Specific Supplements?

Why Sport-Specific Supplements?

Different Sports Require Different Nutrional Needs

College Bound Nutrition provides Nutritional, Drug-FREE, Clean, HSSA and NCAA Legal Sport-Specific Supplements for Young Athletes. Our supplements are broken down into Pre-workout/Intra-workout, and Post-Recovery so that they can perform at their peak day-in and day-out! Different sports require different nutritional intakes, and 99% of nutritional supplements focus on the nutritional needs of grown adults, not growing teenage athletes. Instead of having one general formula, our formulas are broken down as to what the athlete needs to not only recover, but perform at their best.

Trying to buy nutritional supplements is daunting if you do not know where to begin, especially for parents who are just trying to get the best for their child. This breakdown is to help make it easier for parents to know exactly what their child should be taking based on the sport that they play.

Our goal is to ease the nerves of concerned parents buying supplements for their developing youth athlete. We at College Bound Nutrition want to make it clear as to what their growing athlete should be taking in order to receive the proper nutrition specific for their sport.

There are hundreds of different brands of pre-workouts and post-recovery products on the market. It is almost impossible to know what is safe to give a developing young adult and what is going to give them the proper nutrition that they need. The reason being? Because most products are made for people over the age of 18. With having our nutritional supplements broken down into sport-specific categories developed specifically for the young athlete, parents will know that our products are safe and that their child will be getting the proper nutrition to excel in their sport.

Austin Gere, Founder of CBN

Why I Started CBN

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My name is Austin Gere. Being a former High School and D1 Collegiate-level athlete, I know it is nearly impossible to eat three quality meals a day as a child. At most, you have a decent dinner and that is about it. Between early morning hours of school and (most of the time) no breakfast, a mediocre lunch, after-school sports, H.W., and maintaining a healthy social life, most kids do not get the proper nutrition they need to excel. Our goal with CBN supplements is to fill the gap and ensure that young athletes can prosper like they should with the aid of proper nutritional supplements geared towards youth athletes.

I started to develop the concept 5 years ago as a freshman in college playing D1 Track & Field. Going through H.S. and College, I discovered that there is a significant athleticism gap throughout the levels of Youth Sports. This difference is what truly makes athletes stand out from their peers and go on to progress into higher levels of competition. The issue is, most children and parents do not notice this gap and parents have their child play their sport 7 days a week. This is all that they focus on. They believe that if their child practices only the skills they need 7 days a week, they will eventually become a Derek Jeter or Tom Brady.

The reality is this does not happen, and parents will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to try and get the child better. But they plateau. The reason for this is Derek Jeter and Tom Brady are full-grown adults with not only the proper skills, but the proper athletic training and proper diet and nutrition to make them who they are. When you only focus on one aspect of the sport, you do not progress as you should, and this is happening to millions of young athletes across the US! Every parent whose child plays sports’ dream is for them to move on and play College sports to save thousands of dollars of college debt.

My parents and I were stuck in that same mindset of practicing nonstop. Only after going through it all did we realize that this is not how to truly progress in sports, regardless of age group. I want to open the eyes of parents and have them save thousands of dollars on sports training for their kids, and eventually see more children achieve their dream of going to college playing sports!

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