DRUG FREE & CLEAN Pre-Workout for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH and Pre-Workout for Softball Players in Akron OH


10th Inning Baseball In-Game Energy for Youth Athletes by CBN (Overview)

CollegeBoundNutrition January 16, 2023 3:43 pm


College Bound Nutrition provides drug-free, clean, HSAA and NCAA Legal, Sport-Specific Nutritional Supplements for Youth Athletes in High School and College

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“10th Inning” Pre-Workout for Baseball Players in Akron OH by CBN now on Amazon!

At College Bound Nutrition, supplements are broken down into Pre-workout/Intra-workout, and post-Recovery so young athletes can perform at their peak day-in and day-out! Different sports require different nutritional intakes, and 99% of nutritional supplements focus on the nutritional needs of grown adults, not growing teenage athletes. Instead of having one general formula, our formulas are broken down as to what the athlete needs to not only recover but perform at their best. Our Pre Workout for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH and Pre Workout for Softball Players in Akron OH is designed specifically for youth baseball players at a High School level.

Baseball games are long. The weather is hot, the sun is draining, and the only shade is in the dugout. To survive and play well you need to replace the 2 things Mother Nature is zapping from you – Stamina and Explosive Energy. Our CBN “10th Inning” Pre-Workout for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH accomplishes those 2 things for young athletes by providing a CLEAN formula to keep the body not just hydrated but have energy in reserve when it’s your turn at bat or to make that game changing double play!


Different Sports Require Different Nutritional Needs – Shop CBN the BEST Pre-Workout and Post-Recovery products for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH and BEST Pre-Workout and Post-Recovery products for Softball Players in Akron OH

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Our goal is to ease the nerves of concerned parents buying supplements for their developing youth athlete. We at College Bound Nutrition want to make it clear as to what their growing athlete should be taking to receive the proper nutrition specific for their sport.

There are hundreds of different brands of pre-workouts and post-recovery products on the market. It is almost impossible to know what is safe to give a developing young adult and what is going to give them the proper nutrition that they need. Having our nutritional supplements broken down into sport-specific categories developed specifically for the young athlete, parents will know that our products are safe and that their child will be getting the proper nutrition to excel in their sport.


Meet Austin Gere, Founder of College Bound Nutrition

Austin Gere, founder of College Bound Nutrition

Being a former High School and D1 Collegiate-level athlete, I know it is nearly impossible to eat three quality meals a day as a child. At most, you have a decent dinner and that is about it. Between early morning hours of school and (most of the time) no breakfast, a mediocre lunch, after-school baseball games or practice, H.W., and maintaining a healthy social life, most kids do not get the proper nutrition they need to excel. Our goal with CBN Pre-Workout for Baseball Players in Akron OH is to fill the gap and ensure that young baseball players can prosper like they should with the aid of proper nutritional supplements geared towards them.

I started to develop the concept 5 years ago as a freshman in college playing D1 Track & Field. Going through H.S. and College, I discovered that there is a significant athleticism gap throughout the levels of Youth Sports. This difference is what truly makes athletes stand out from their peers and go on to progress into higher levels of competition. When you only focus on one aspect of the sport, you do not progress as you should, and this is happening to millions of young athletes across the US. Ultimately, I want to see more children achieve their dream of going to college playing sports!


Shop HSAA and NCAA Legal CBN Pre-Workout for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH and Pre-Workout for Softball Players in Akron OH

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Pre-Workout for Youth Baseball Players in Akron OH, Pre-Workout for Softball Players in Akron OH, Protein for Softball Players, Protein for baseball Players, Protein for Little League Players, Protein for youth baseball Players,

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The Total System - Sports Power Training:

The Total System is designed to be a one-stop-shop for workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle to enhance Baseball and Softball athletes overall development on and off the field.

Baseball and Softball Sport-Specific Workouts:

Follow along with our 12-week Workout & Training program designed to target the specific muscles, muscle fibers, and neuromuscular and skeletomuscular movements that Baseball and Softball athletes need to play better. All exercises are accompanied with follow along videos on how to perform exercises for optimal results.

Youth Friendly Baseball and Softball Supplement:

Our Youth-Friendly Supplements for Baseball and Softball players are designed to fuel athletes targeted muscle and muscle fibers used in SPT training, as well as practices, games, and tournaments they have. Supplements are made with all natural ingredients and proportions are adjusted for growing youth bodies, NOT grown adult bodies. Growing athletes, especially youth athletes, need different fuel than to develop than fully grown adults.

Lifestyle and Habit Education:

Our lifestyle and habit education goes along with Baseball and Softball Sport-Specific Exercises and Youth-Friendly Nutritionare. Develop the mindset and lifestyle of a top-tier athlete through habit and mindset training as well as exclusive educational content to put you ahead of the competition.

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10th Inning - Youth Friendly Supplement Designed for Baseball & Softball Performance

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