What is Sports Power Training (SPT)

Sports Power Athletic Training

What is SPT

“You can Teach someone Skills, but only You can Make your own Sports Power” -Austin Gere

Stronger Tendons + Stronger Ligaments + Stronger Muscles = No Injuries

Sports Power Training makes Stronger Tendons + Stronger Ligaments + Stronger Muscles = No Injuries

At CBN, we Invented Sports Power Training, or SPT for short, specifically for young athletes. SPT is a Neuromuscular Athletic Training that increases the body’s own Human Power. 

Sports Power Training is reinventing how parents look at athletic training.

Well-intentioned Coaches, Trainers and Parents obsess over teaching “skills” to young athletes.

Unfortunately, “skills” can’t be mastered by adolescent athletes if they do not possess the Power and Strength to execute them. This is how dreams are shattered and injuries happen.

Injuries can be prevented by Developing and Fueling Neuromuscular Growth in adolescent athletes.

SPT is not just better Neuromuscular Sports Training. SPT is about being stronger, quicker, and possessing a fuller range of motion aid in Injury Prevention.

The cornerstone of SPT is the way we Measure, Collect, and Interpret your Biomechanical Data to put you further along the College Bound Road.

Today, we offer Sports Power Training at three locations in Freehold, Marlboro, and Matawan. Look for the release of our SPT Virtual Training modules soon.

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This is John M.

John received a scholarship to play football for The Catholic University of America and wants to elevate his game with College Bound Nutrition & Training!

This is Ronan K.

The power & speed that Ronan can hit a baseball with has gone up dramatically since starting Sports Training with College Bound Nutrition & Training.

This is Chase K.

Chase had great wrestling training and some experience working out in the gym. It helped carry him in his career so far, but he wanted to get stronger and more explosive.

This is Aiden B.

Aiden had great Sports training and some experience working out with his teams doing agility and speed work. Despite this, he was unable to execute the baseball & basketball skills he learned.

This is Alex S.

Alex, a HS Baseball Catcher, was unable to execute the skills he had been taught with flawless precision… Then he started Baseball Training with CBN&T.

This is Eddie H.

Eddie had prior Football training and some experience working out by himself in the weight room. Despite this, he is unable to execute the skills he has been taught with flawless precision.

This is John G.

John has had great Baseball training, but like most kids his age, is unable to execute the skills he has been taught with flawless precision.

Unlike other Training programs, SPT is not about just getting Stronger or Faster. It is about becoming a more Powerful and Athletic Athlete! At CBN, we don’t chart how much you bench. Instead, we use sensors down to the millisecond to calculate how fast you move a given weight over a given distance (See chart on left). From there, we calculate and determine your Human Power, or HP. To become more powerful, you need to strengthen your whole Biomechanical System – Ligaments, Tendons and Muscles – across a broad range of motion.

Sports Power Training


A Fuller range of Motion to Quicken your Stretch Shortening Cycle and strengthen your neuromuscular system creating a stronger foundation upon which skills can be built with fewer injuries to young athletes

At the core of Sports Power Training is College Bound Nutrition – the Fuel to feed your ever-increasing Human Power.

Making it at the College level requires a Nutrient filled diet which is hard for High School Athletes. School, Practice Schedules, Homework, and of course a Social Life get in the way of fueling adolescents.

CBN supplements are designed to Fill the Fuel tanks of busy High School Athletes with High Octane Nutrition.

Sport-Specific Nutrition for Youth Athletes


Fueling College Bound Aspirations!

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