HPT Chart Example #1 – This is John G.

This is Sports Power Training

This is John, a standout 13-year-old male who plays Middle School and Travel Baseball from Freehold NJ. John has had great Baseball training, but like most 13-year-olds, is unable to execute the skills he has been taught with flawless precision. John’s parents are making an investment for his High School and hopefully a Collegiate athletic future with Sports Power Training (SPT). In 3 short weeks, just 9 total sessions, you can see the effect SPT has had on John.

This chart is an example of only 1 exercise out of 34 total that John has done. Each workout is designed specifically for the sport the individual is playing, in this case the workouts that John does are designed specifically for Human Power Training developments for Baseball.

Looking at October 11th, for this specific exercise (Smith Machine Romanian Deadlifts), Johns Peak Velocity was 0.79 M/S with a Human Power output of 484 using a weight of 75 pounds. On October 18th, his Peak Velocity was 0.92 M/S with a Human Power output of 579 with a weight of 75 pounds. On October 25th, his Peak Velocity and Power outputs were 0.95 M/S and 606 with 75 pounds. However, we increased the weight by 10 pounds for the last two sets. This resulted in measurements of 0.98 M/S for Peak Velocity, and a Human Power output of 694 Watts using a weight of 85 pounds.

Within the span of 3 weeks, John’s overall Peak Velocity increased by 24% and his Human Power increased by 43%! This becomes even more impressive when looking at his week 3 results. The total weight increased by 10 pounds, and he was able to Increase his Peak Velocity and Human Power output instead of it decreasing like you would expect! Again, these numbers are only for 1 specific exercise out of the many that John does.

Within the 3 weeks that John has been training to improve his HPT output, he has been able to make stand out plays in High Pressure Tournament games and leave people in awe. He is better able to keep up with faster throwing pitchers and make solid contact with the baseball. In addition, John is now able to explode and make plays in the field in the snap of a finger that were close to impossible for him 3 weeks prior.

This was showcased in a recent Tournament where John was playing as catcher. He was able to pop up in an instant and throw out several people trying to steal 2nd and 3rd base. This was possible because of the increases in his Velocities and Human Power output in the Sport Power Training Baseball Exercises he has been performing. While this might seem like a routine play, the explosiveness and Human Power that John was able to output in those split-second situations was not possible for him 3 weeks prior. Again, Within the span of 3 weeks, John’s overall Peak Velocity increased by 24% and his Human Power increased by 43%!

The improvements with his Velocity and HP have transferred over to his skills on the field and he is able to execute the skills that were taught to him with greater precision.

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