WHat is Human Power Training (HPT)

Human Power Training

What is HPT

You can Teach someone Skills, but only You can Make your own “Human Power”

Stronger Tendons + Stronger Ligaments + Stronger Muscles = No Injuries

Human Power makes Stronger Tendons + Stronger Ligaments + Stronger Muscles = No Injuries

We’ve all seen promising young athletes rise through the ranks. They have promising talks with colleges, even offers in their Junior or Senior year, and then they tragically suffer injuries. Their injury might be able to heal, but the damage has already been done. Colleges want assets – NOT liabilities – and an otherwise promising career has come to an end.

At CBN, we Invented Human Power Training, or HPT for short. Over the years, we’ve seen how well-intentioned Coaches, Trainer and Parents have obsessed over teaching their young athletes the “skills” needed to be a Winner. Unfortunately, the “skills” that these people are teaching young athletes are the same skills that are executed flawlessly by mature, grown, professional Athletes.

Quite simply, Professional Skills on a young body often result in injuries. Again, we all know or have heard of the Athlete who was going to College on a Full-Ride or being Drafted right from High School who got injured, was sidelined, and had their offers rescinded.

This is John

John has had great Baseball training, but like most kids his age, is unable to execute the skills he has been taught with flawless precision.

This is Eddie

Eddie had prior Football training and some experience working out by himself in the weight room. Despite this, he is unable to execute the skills he has been taught with flawless precision.

Unlike other Training programs, HPT is not about just getting Stronger or Faster. It is about becoming a more Powerful and Athletic Athlete! At CBN, we don’t chart how much you bench. Instead, we use sensors down to the millisecond to calculate how fast you move a given weight over a given distance (See chart on left). From there, we calculate and determine your Human Power, or HP. To become more powerful, you need to strengthen your whole Biomechanical System – Ligaments, Tendons and Muscles – across a broad range of motion.

Implementing a Fuller range of Motion strengthens the Biomechanical system and creates a stronger foundation for young athletes, upon which to build those skills with fewer injuries.


That is HP Training.

At the heart of College Bound Nutrition and Training (CBN) is the need to feed the ever-increasing Human Power. To make the gains necessary to see a young Athlete go all the way into the College Arena. That requires an increased amount of nutrition that, in reality, is very hard for the High School Athlete because of School, Practice Schedules, Homework, and of course a healthy Social Life. CBN supplements are designed to fill the gaps between a High Schoolers’ busy schedule with HSAA Clean ingredients.


Take your training to the next level and unlock your Hidden Human Power!

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