Austin Gere

Personal Training by Austin Gere

NJ Top 25 High School Shot Putter in 2017


D1 Track & Field Hammer & Shot Put Thrower for FDU


Coached by Multiple Olympic Caliber Athletes


Coached by Team USA Pan-American Head Throwing Coach

“Don’t try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.”

Hi everyone! I’m Austin Gere, co-founder of both College Bound Nutrition & the Neuromuscular Sports Power Training (HPT) Program for Youth Athletes.

A little about myself, I competed in Track & Field at both the High School & Collegiate levels starting off with Shot Put in High School & moving on to Hammer Throwing at FDU where I was the Throwing Captain starting in my second year. In my senior year of High School, I went from being an average thrower in my winter track season, to finishing top 25 in the entire state of NJ at the end of the spring season & receiving a scholarship to attend school almost free! It was here that I began to develop the fundamentals of Neuromuscular Sports Power Training.

In College, I honed what I learned in High School with the help of Olympic Caliber Athletes & Coaches representing team USA. I thought I knew everything there was about training to be an athlete, but boy was I wrong! It was during this time that I combined what I had learned In High School as an Athlete with the teachings & principles of who I was surrounded by. This combination would become what is now Neuromuscular Sports Power Training for Youth Athletes!

Today, my goal is to teach Youth Athletes the secrets of Neuromuscular Sports Power Training through In Person Instructional Training, and through online programs for athletes across the Country! If you’re interested in starting Sports Power Training for yourself or your child, or want to learn more about Online Training SPT Programs, fill out the form below today!

Headshots for Track and Field Season

Competing at Rutgers stadium against 2-Time Team USA Olympic Athlete Rudy Winkler

With my parents finishing top 3 for Weight throw in NEC Conference

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