What is Best vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball players to take if they want To Hit Farther, Throw Faster & Steal More Bases?


I’m Austin the founder of CBN (College Bound Nutrition) and there are a lot of vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball Players to take. Most products are loaded with Caffeine, Taurine and Sugar, not the things Adolescent Athletes need for Neuromuscular growth.

I also want to introduce you a product we make called 10th Inning, it’s the FUEL that Teen Baseball & Softball players need to get QUICKER + STRONGER = MORE POWERFUL + ENERGY to Fuel more Home Runs, 90mph pitches & stolen bases!


10th Inning Softball In-Game Energy for Youth Athletes by CBN (Overview)

10th Inning Baseball In-Game Energy for Youth Athletes by CBN (Overview)


In your Teens is the BEST time to start researching vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball players to take!


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In adolescence the human body is undergoing rapid chemical changes to every aspect of the human mechanism. By the end of adolescence, these changes are almost set in-stone and it becomes challenging to make changes to these mechanisms once these changes are over. To be an ultra-competitive Baseball or Softball player during these years the body needs some Extra Nutrition which is why we invented 10th Inning the ENERGY+POWER BOOSTER for Young Athletes. Don’t be fooled by other vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball, only CBN makes 10th Inning.

People ask us all the time can taking 10th Inning daily make me a better Baseball or Softball Player. Ask any College Coach or College Scout what it takes to be a Better Baseball or Softball Players and they’re likely to answer you back with 2 questions:


  1. Did you Eat Today and how many times?
  2. Did you workout today?


You better have said YES to both of those, because without those 2 things you can’t be a better Baseball or Softball Player – PERIOD!


10th Inning by CBN Ranks Highest in the list of BEST vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball players to take to increase ENERGY+POWER!

10th Inning is the BEST vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball Players, Baseball vitamin B6, Softball vitamin B6

10th Inning is the BEST vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball Players

I’m going to help you answer those two questions when a Coach, Trainer or Scout asks them:

  1. Yes, and I take a non-caffeine, non-sugar supplement with Extra FUEL such as 10th Inning by CBN because the body is using so much energy for neuromuscular growth there is nothing left for skeletomuscular growth.
  2. Yes, and I do exercises to increase the Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC) performance in my body so that the I can increase my rapid force production because Baseball and Softball are explosive sports!


If you’re wondering – Stretch Shortening Cycle is the rate at which a muscle is stretched, and then contracted and it’s affected by several factors. The main factors that affect the SSC are Muscle Fiber Composition, Muscle Fiber Length Muscle Size Muscle, Tendon Size & Stiffness.


Don’t be fooled by other vitamin B6 for Baseball & Softball – 10th Inning by CBN is the Original ENERGY+POWER for Youth Sports


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Our Youth-Friendly Supplements for Baseball and Softball players are designed to fuel athletes targeted muscle and muscle fibers used in SPT training, as well as practices, games, and tournaments they have. Supplements are made with all natural ingredients and proportions are adjusted for growing youth bodies, NOT grown adult bodies. Growing athletes, especially youth athletes, need different fuel than to develop than fully grown adults.

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