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-CLEAN FORMULA FOR YOUTH ATHLETES – 10th Inning by College Bound Nutrition (CBN) does not contain any illegal drugs. College Bound Nutrition provides Nutritional, Drug-FREE, Clean, HSSA and NCAA Legal Sport-Specific Supplements for Young Athletes.

-ACTIVATES EXPLOSIVE MUSCLE FIBERS – Formulated with Creatine Monohydrate and L-Tyrosine, consume 10th Inning Baseball as a pre-workout or when training to improve your athletic performance!

-ZERO SUGAR + ZERO CAFFEINE = ZERO CRASH – 10th Inning is a performance-enhancement that does not contain sugar or caffeine. 10th Inning will not keep you awake after a workout session when training at night.

-PROMOTES MUSCLE GROWTH + FIGHTS MUSCLE FATIGUE – 10th Inning improves your oxygen level and blood flow while proactively helping you with a quick recovery with BCAAs.

-DELICIOUS FLAVOR – 10th Inning is Tropical Punch flavored. Clean, fast-absorbing, and easily digestible.

Austin from College Bound Nutrition breaks down our new “In-Game Energy” booster that we just launched specifically for Youth Baseball & Softball players – 10th Inning. Now available on Amazon or through our website College Bound Nutrition.

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