Eddie Hernandez

“Greatness comes to those willing to out GRIT their competition.”

Eddie Hernandez is currently the head Strength and Conditioning coach at St. John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ – a perennial powerhouse in high school sports. I’ve been full time since 2012 where I also serve as an academic advisor, community support coach and a varsity football coach, where I am the special teams coordinator. I’ve worked with countless of clients that range from the stay-at-home housewife to your top-notch high school or college athlete. Been at it since 1989. In that span, I have produced tremendous results in my clients from the stand point of body transformation to taking your below-average athlete and helping develop them into scholarship-worthy ones. Numerous of them have gone on to compete at all levels DI – DIII.

Most importantly, to me, is how all of them have become leaders in their communities, great parents and role models to those around them. One thing that I’ve taken great pride in is my expanded practical knowledge that I’ve gained through my experience as a professional bodybuilder. This knowledge allowed me to relay it to my clients where it was truly the game changer when it came to seeing and feeling the results they were seeking. It allowed them more control of their weight, energy levels and how well they recovered. I want to now go even further and with our own personal and individualized supplements. I’d like to help you set up your own plan. One that’s going to help you get to that next level that you can now only imagine. I can remember myself when thoughts were just dreams. Through hard work and evidence based trial and error I was able to achieve my goal as the best natural bodybuilder in the world in 1995. 

One week strength / conditioning camp for school aged kids at SJV.

Photo shoot one week before winning Natural Pro World Bodybuilding Championship.

Speaking at a football camp in Keyport where I grew up.


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