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“Human Power” Training

A College Athlete is like a sports car: the more horsepower, the more performance.

Top College Athletes have more Human Power, just like a finely tuned sports car does.

Horsepower cannot be directly measured; it is a mathematical calculation (Torque × Speed)/5252. Similarly, an Athlete’s Human Power cannot be directly measured. It is not just how much weight they lifted, how fast they ran, or how high they jumped. Human Power is a calculation derived from Weight × Height or Distance / Time.

At CBN, we strive to increase the athlete’s Human Power by using specific exercises and specialized nutritional supplements through the use of a Personal Trainer, making them more athletic and a more recruitable College Bound Athlete.

Austin Gere

  • D1 Track and Field hammer and shot-put thrower.
  • NEC Track and Field Finalist.
  • Millrose Games competitor.
  • NJ High School top 25 Shot putters in 2017.

Jon Finocchiaro

  • D2 soccer player for Georgian Court University.
  • Public A North champs in senior year of high school.
  • Scored 9 goals and 5 assists in senior year of high school.
  • Made top ten plays on SportsCenter and got number 8.
  • Senior made second all team.

Matt Finocchiaro

  • D2 Soccer Player at Georgian Court University.
  • High school – Public A North Champs.
  • Finished senior of high school with 2 goals and 15 assists.
  • High School – Made 2nd all team.


Take your training to the next level and unlock your Hidden Human Power.