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Human Power Training

A College Athlete is like a sports car: the more horsepower, the more performance.

Top College Athletes have more Human Power, just like a finely tuned sports car does.


Horsepower cannot be directly measured; it is a mathematical calculation (Torque × Speed)/5252. Similarly, an Athlete’s Human Power cannot be directly measured. It is not just how much weight they lifted, how fast they ran, or how high they jumped. Human Power was Invented by CBN and is a complex calculation derived from Weight × Height or Distance / Time.

At CBN, we strive to increase the athlete’s Human Power by using specific exercises, high-tech accelerometers and specialized nutritional supplements working with one of our a Human Power Trainers. Increasing your HP makes an Athlete more athletic and a more recruitable College Bound Athlete.

Austin Gere

  • D1 Track and Field hammer and shot-put thrower.
  • NEC Track and Field Finalist.
  • Millrose Games competitor.
  • NJ High School top 25 Shot putters in 2017.

Jon Finocchiaro

  • D2 soccer player for Georgian Court University.
  • Public A North champs in senior year of high school.
  • Scored 9 goals and 5 assists in senior year of high school.
  • Made top ten plays on SportsCenter and got number 8.
  • Senior made second all team.

Matt Finocchiaro

  • D2 Soccer Player at Georgian Court University.
  • High school – Public A North Champs.
  • Finished senior of high school with 2 goals and 15 assists.
  • High School – Made 2nd all team.

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