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Austin Gere, Founder and one of the Personal Trainers at College Bound Nutrition.


I was fortunate enough to play my Sport throughout College, Graduate Debt Free, and I have a proven method of how you too can Get Recruited by any College. Although no one can promise you that you’ll Get Recruited by your top choice, there is one factor that Top College Coaches look for and that is Athleticism, or what we call Human Power (HP).


Even before graduating, I started to hone the principles and methodology that would become College Bound Nutrition (CBN). I launched CBN with one goal in mind, and that was to help other High School Athletes fulfill their dreams to Get Recruited By your choice of College and hopefully Graduate with the least amount of Debt possible. To do that, we have to increase the Athletes Athleticism and YES, those are two different things. Anyone who plays a Sport is an Athlete, the better performing Athletes generally have more Athleticism.


The #1 Secret to Get Recruited That Your High School Coaches Don’t Know!


The majority of High School and Travel Team Coaches, although well intended, focus way too much on a player’s technical skill and knowledge of the Sport they are playing and not their ability to perform Athletically at their peak. Throughout my years in High School and College, I have seen many star Athletes fade by grades 11 and 12. Their knowledge of the game may be more than other players, but their ability to execute the maneuvers needed to function at a higher level simply were not there. Every Parent has hopes that their child Get Recruited, but the fact is 10,000 other parents are hoping for the same thing. College Coaches look for Athletic Athletes that they can mold into the players they want them to be, not the players they are before they enter College.

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At CBN, we do two things that will help you Get Recruited and that is increase your Human Power (HP):


NUTRITION: High School Legal Sports Supplements

It is assumed that if you are a High School Athlete looking to play College Sports, you are already eating healthy. But eating healthy is not enough, if you are growing your HP every week, you simply cannot get enough Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, and Carbs without some type of Nutritional Supplements. We have assembled a list of Supplements by High School Sport that do not contain any banned substances. These supplements will give you the added Nutrition that you need to grow your HP while not jeopardizing your chances to Get Recruited.

TRAINING: Maximizing Your HP

We use the same technology that Top Colleges and the Pros use to measure and adjust your training for the most sustainable HP gains. College Coaches look for Athletes that can perform week after week, not just one rep in a gym. Our training is what the Top Coaches look for when they Recruit for their schools.


College Bound Nutrition will help you to be the Athletic Athlete that ALL College Coaches are looking for. Athleticism is not just measured by how much weight you can lift, or how fast you can run. It is a combination of many things with weekly gains that are so small you cannot see them by recording your workout sessions or with the human eye. The technology we use allows us to measure the gains and weaknesses in hundredths of a second to adjust your training to give you the Athleticism you need to Get Recruited.


What Parents Need to Know About How to Get Recruited


College Bound Nutrition (CBN) is on a Mission to make High School athletes a better version of themselves by providing Nutritional and Training support to ensure the athlete performs at their peak. We will provide Better, Safer, and Cleaner Nutritional Supplements to High School athletes who are looking to excel in their sports on the way to college.

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List of Colleges:

American University, Appalachian State University, Arizona State University, Arkansas State University, Auburn University, Baylor University, Boston University, Brigham Young University, California Baptist University, Chicago State University, Clemson University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth University, Duke, Florida State University, Georgetown University, Georgia Tech, Grand Valley State University, Harvard University, Idaho State University, Indiana University, Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, Monmouth University, North Carolina State University, North Dakota State university, Northwest Missouri State University, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Princeton University, Purdue University, Rice University, Rider University, Rutgers, Seton Hall University, Stanford University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, Temple University, Texas A&M University, Texas Christian University, UCLA, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Connecticut, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Maryland, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Notre Dame, University of Oklahoma, University of Oregon, University of Pennsylvania, University of South Carolina, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, University of Texas-Austin, University of Virginia, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt University, Villanova, Virginia Tech University, Wake Forest University, William and Mary University, Yale

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