Get the ENERGY + POWER to Hit Farther, Throw Faster, Steal More Bases – 10th Inning for Baseball & Softball players by CBN

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I’m Austin Gere, and hopefully you’re getting that bat because it’s a great bat! But as great as a bat is, unless you have the explosive power to swing it, I’m afraid it won’t help your game…


To hit a baseball farther you need more than just a bat – you need EXPLOSIVE POWER and lots of ENERGY! To build your explosive power you’ll need to follow specific exercises like the ones we design for our Baseball & Softball Human Power Training workouts.


To get the ENERGY needed to swing that bat you’ll need to supplement your diet just like the Pro’s do which is why I created 10th Inning by College Bound Nutrition.


10th Inning Baseball In-Game Energy for Youth Athletes by CBN (Overview)

CollegeBoundNutrition January 16, 2023 3:43 pm


Got that New bat but you’re still only a .180 batter? BOOST your ENERGY + POWER – 10th Inning for Baseball & Softball players by CBN

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Click to purchase 10th Inning Baseball + Softball Pre-Workout+ In-Game Energy “10th Inning”

I love to talk about the “Athletic Portion” of Baseball & Softball player development through neuromuscular exercises designed to build athleticism. Sports use different muscle fibers and tendon utilization depending on what’s needed for that sport. Swinging your bat is not the same as running downfield for a touchdown. The same can be said about nutrition, when I started College Bound Nutrition, we looked through different mechanics to play different sports. We then looked at the neuromuscular utilization for that sport and formulated different Sports Specific Nutrition for each of those sports. When you’re swinging your bat you need something to activate and grow explosive muscles – 10th Inning by College Bound Nutrition does just that!


From competing in D1 collegiate level athletics, I’ve learned that college coaches are there to teach and hone your skills in playing your desired sport. Coaches assume that at the college level, you’ve already built up your athleticism and explosive power. If you want to improve your performance even down at the High School and younger levels, you need to work on building your explosive power with a program like Human Power Training and feeding that explosive power growth with a product designed just for Baseball & Softball players – 10th Inning.


The Key to Effectively Swinging that bat is the Ability to Generate Maximal Power in the Least Amount of Time – 10th Inning by CBN = ENERGY + POWER


How does 10th Inning work? 10th Inning by CBN supplies the ENERGY, VITAMINS & PROTEINS needed for Extreme workouts and extra-long games. 10th Inning is the FUEL needed for stretching tendons, ligaments, and muscle fibers combined with explosive exercises to increase Type II muscle fibers, or “fast-twitch” muscle fibers and nerves. This is what makes you swing that bat Quicker, with more Power, and more Accuracy and Precision than the other guy!

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It does not matter what batting skills you are taught if you’re not able to swing the bat as your coaches want, why get that bat? What they are teaching you won’t translate into game winning hits if your body is physically limited. So, how do you solve this problem? You solve it by focusing on sports performance training such as Human Power Training to maximize your neuromuscular mechanisms to enable muscles and ligaments to twitch faster and swing that bat for a Home Run in the 10th Inning!


A bat is only as good as the person swinging it, get the ENERGY + POWER to Hit Farther, Throw Faster, Steal More Bases – 10th Inning for Baseball & Softball players by CBN

Sports Nutrition for youth athletes, Nutritional supplements for young athletes, Sports Nutrition for teen athletes, Best Supplements for Youth Athletes, Best Preworkout for Youth Athletes,

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