How do you Get a Sports Scholarship from Yale?

Hi, I am Austin, a founder here at College Bound Nutrition & Training (CBNT) and I want to tell you about some of the things CBNT is covering to increase your chances of getting a Sports Scholarship from Yale or any other College that have Sport Scholarship programs.

I was a Shot Putter and Hammer Thrower at a D-1 school in NJ and I was lucky enough to be on a Sports Scholarship. I didn’t get the money to go to school because I set High School records, won every meet or anything like that. In fact, I was exactly what College Coaches were looking for. Remember, BIG Schools have BIG Teams and it takes LOTS of High School Athletes to fill the rosters. Here at CBNT we’ll be sharing how to be what Coaches are looking for in High School Athletes. It’s the little things that increase your chances of How to Get a Sports Scholarship from Yale or any other College or University.

As with any athlete, there are certain things about your body you simply cannot change. Things like your height, size of your hands, length of arms or legs, width of shoulders or hips. I know it sounds like I just painted a dark picture, where if you were not born with the best genes, you will never succeed in High School Sports or Get a Sports Scholarship from Yale. But that is Simply NOT TRUE AT ALL!

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Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Here at College Bound Nutrition & Training, or as we say “CBNT”, we do not focus on things you cannot change; we are about focusing on things we CAN Help You Change! Today I’m going to talk about Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers, which is something with the right nutrition and exercise programs you can change, make more of, and increase the speed of the ones you have!!! To excel at any sport, you need to have good Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers. To get a Sports Scholarship from Yale or any other College you better have lots of Fast Twitch Fibers!

First, let me say we can break Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers down into 3 speeds and compare them to something all High School kids can relate to “MegaBits Per Second or Internet Speed” – how much lag you have when playing video games!

If your fast twitch was at 5 megs – you are Average. If you’re at 25 megs – you are Good. And if you’re at 100 megs – you are Great: you’re really flying! Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers are similar, some people have Average, Good or Great Fast Twitch Fibers. The Good News is just like your Internet Speeds you can increase the amount and the speed of Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers with some old fashion gym work!

I’m being brutally honest with you – it is Very Hard to go from Average to Great. If you’re Average, you can be Good, and combine that with other things which can make you become more powerful. If you are already Good, you can have Great Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers. These are what you need to help you Get a Sports Scholarship from Yale or any other College.

Listen to what I am going to say carefully – think about when you were in Middle School, and now entering High School, how many of the naturally gifted athletes from your past are fading? How many of them just do not have that natural quality any longer? Sure, all the other players and their parents still talk about them like they are the BEST but… Well, I have seen it happen for years now and for many reasons. If you are a skilled and talented 6th-9th grade athlete today, you can prevent that from happening to you too! You need to start now by building your body, not just your skills if you hope to Get a Sports Scholarship from Yale or any other Colleges.

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Austin, a founder here at College Bound Nutrition & Training (CBNT)


Being More Athletic to be a Better Athlete

Let us go back and take a closer look at that naturally gifted athlete who faded in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. This is not always the case but from the many that I have seen there is one common factor. That is, they forgot they must continually work on being more Athletic to be a Better Athlete – it’s that simple. One part of this is that as your body works harder, it wants to grow and it needs the proper nourishment to do so. Which is why we created College Bound Nutrition & Training, to feed that growth by nourishing those nerve and muscle fibers. Proper Nutrition is almost impossible while you’re in High School: In the morning you rush out, lunch is at crazy times, practice comes right after school and then either more practice or homework in the evenings.

The other part is they are losing Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers which makes them a little slower, a little less powerful combined with the physiological effects it starts to erode their overall performance. Why is that?

It is because so many of these young athletes are used to being the best on the team, they practice their sport and don’t do the mundane exercises that keep and build Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers that we will be covering here at CBNT. When you increase Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers you can increase your POWER.

For those of you that think Power is the same as Strength or Speed – THINK AGAIN. Power is the ability to move a given Weight over a given Distance at a given Rate of Speed. Increase any one of those while keeping the other 2 the same you’re gained Power, increase any 2 while keeping the 3rd constant you’re now Powerful, increase all 3 and you are closer to getting a Sports Scholarship from Yale and becoming College Material!

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